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Gun piercing horror story


When I was about 5 years old my Mom took me to the hair salon to get my ears pierced. They used a gun and didn’t wear gloves. The piercing gun was so awful that it jammed and pulled out the jewelry. So I had to get my left ear done twice.

and this was their golden aftercare advice:

  • clean with rubbing alcohol twice a day
  • spin the jewelry/pick off any crusties
  • wear jewelry on the tightest setting so the back doesn’t fall off during swelling

Not only that, I also was allergic to the shitty jewelry they pierced my ear with so my ears were so irritated that it took four years for them to settle down - four years. I was just a kid and I thought it was my fault so I hid it from my parents.

The only reason my ears settled down was because I realized my skin grew to the back of my studs for the third time so I ripped them out. There was so much scar tissue from constantly getting infections that my holes stayed open and the next jewelry I put in just happened to be stainless steel, which finally closed the book on the problems.

I’ve since educated myself and now have 30+ piercings and only get pierced by professionals with needles - and I’ve never had a piercing issue since.

I feel like this is the horror story of all children who were forced to get their ears pierced.